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Kullanım Kılavuzu (İngilizce)

Data Usage & Limit

Keenetic Hero 4G+ (KN-2311), Skipper 4G (KN-2910), Runner 4G (KN-2211) and previous generation models Hero 4G (KN-2310) and Runner 4G (KN-2210) have a built-in 4G/3G modem data usage counting function. The setting is also available for external compatible QMI modems. It allows you to set up a warning and limit the amount of traffic transmitted in the 4G/3G network according to your provider's tariff plan.

The setting is made in the device's web interface in the 'Data Usage & Limit' page of the 'Internet' section. To enable it, you need to specify the amount of traffic according to your tariff plan in the 'Set data limit' field. The preset warning threshold as a percentage of the budget value can be changed in the 'Set data warning' field. There is also a monthly counting mode, starting from a selected day. To use it, set the option 'Usage cycle data reset' and specify the day of the month to reset the meter automatically.



Both incoming and outgoing traffic is counted. The results may differ from your ISP as the traffic volume is measured on your Keenetic. When setting the limit and warning threshold, we recommend that you consider situations where there may be a difference in the numbers and set the threshold and limit with some reserve. The traffic counting function requires automatic time synchronisation and a correctly set time zone.

If you need to adjust the volume of the traffic counted (e.g. the SIM card was used in another device), you can edit the amount of data transmitted. Press 'Edit' and set the required value — the counting will continue from there.

For your convenience, you can enable notifications when the traffic warning level is reached and when the specified limit level is reached. The notifications will be sent by SMS to the user's phone number.


SMS is sent according to the mobile operator's tariff plan on the installed SIM card. Check with the mobile network operator whether your tariff allows sending SMS. Also, note that, as a rule, SMS sending is a paid service for a subscriber.


By activating the 'Notify via SMS' option, specify the phone number for sending SMS messages and the text of the message to be sent when the event occurs. A maximum of 3 mobile phone numbers can be set.


You can also activate the 'Disconnect from network' option so that when the specified traffic volume limit is reached, disconnection from the ISP network (the network used for data transmission) takes place. In this case, the router will not transmit traffic on the mobile network, so it is not counted on the ISP side.

If you select the 'Disconnect from network' setting, the Mobile Network LED on the case will be blinking when the limit level is reached.


Sending SMS messages will continue to work even if the 'Disconnect from network' option is triggered. Data transmission via the mobile network is then terminated.

If the 'Usage cycle data reset' option is activated, on the day the period starts, the counted traffic will be reset to zero, and the network connectivity to the Internet connection will be restored.

You can see the counted data of the metered connection on the System dashboard page. To do so, under 'Internet' click on 'Show details'. The lines 'Data usage' and 'Data remaining' show the amount of recorded traffic and the unused budget, respectively. If the monthly plan is activated, the 'Days left' line shows the number of days left until the end of the period.