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What information do I need to provide to the support team?

To speed up the processing of your question, we recommend following the steps listed below.

Before contacting support:

  1. Search for relevant information on our Keenetic support site.

    This site already contains answers to the most common questions. You will most likely find the answer to your question here, and you won't need to ask a specialist. We update the information daily, collecting answers to common user questions and adding to our Knowledge Base.

  2. Check if the KeeneticOS version installed in your device is up to date. If an update is available (i.e. a newer version), we recommend updating it.

    You will find more information in the articles: 'Updating KeeneticOS via the mobile application' and 'Updating KeeneticOS online'.

Please provide the following information when contacting the support team:

  1. Be sure to state the exact name of your device and the service code (consisting of 15 digits); the model name and service code can be found on the label at the bottom of the case.

  2. Please describe the problem in detail:

    • Did the problem occur from the beginning of use, or did it happen after some time of successful operation?

    • How often does the problem occur, and under what conditions?

    • If the problem occurs with one device in your home network and all the others are working correctly, please tell us the MAC and/or IP address of this network device.

    • Does a factory reset and reconfiguration of the Keenetic device help?

    • If you have more than one Keenetic device on your network, please describe the connection scheme or provide a description of your network with IP addresses.


      The more detailed the question, the more accurately we can answer it!

  3. Send the self-test.txt system file to the support team. Information on how to save the file from the router can be found in the 'Saving the self-test file' instructions.

    The self-test.txt file contains error information and user settings. The contents of the file allow evaluating the performance of the OS and hardware of the router.


    The self-test.txt file does not contain any user passwords.


Only use the power adapter supplied with the Keenetic device. Never use any other adapter!