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How to add a USB modem that is not on the list of supported?

My mobile operator provides a USB modem, which is not on the list of supported modems. When I connect the modem to the router, it is not detected. Can you add support for it?


We can't add support for all existing USB modems, so we try to integrate the most popular models that get the most requests. The information gathered from the instructions of this article is not a guarantee of adding your modem, but only increases the probability of integration.

Update your router operating system to the most recent version available.

Connect your USB modem to the router and send us the following information to

  1. USB modem model, revision.

  2. Name of the mobile network operator, which uses this USB modem.

  3. Region where this USB modem is available.

  4. Send us the self-test.txt diagnostic file created after connecting the modem. Instructions on how to get the self-test file are given in the article Saving the self-test file.