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Warranty and support periods

Warranty coverage

The Keenetic product warranty terms apply to all Keenetic devices distributed to end users. The following regulations define the period of coverage.

The beginning of the warranty period, the start date, is the earliest of the following specified dates:

  • the date of purchase of the product by the first end-user, as confirmed by the retailer's receipt; or

  • the date of automatic device service tag activation upon the first time the device has access to the Internet; or

  • the date of the first contact with the Keenetic Technical support for this product.

The warranty period ends 3 years after the start date.


You can register your device in your Keenetic Account to check your warranty status and expiry date (see the How do I register my Keenetic device? article). Under My Devices > Registered Devices, you will find a list of registered devices showing the warranty periods in the Coverage info column.

Product software updates

The software update support period for Keenetic products is split into two update availability intervals, those for Standard Updates and Limited Updates. The start of the software update and support period is the date of the product's release by Keenetic, not the date of purchase or activation, as opposed to the warranty coverage for a particular device.

Standard Updates: For a minimum of three years after product launch, Keenetic provides regular updates that include addition of new features, fixes for detected bugs and security updates to address potential vulnerabilities.

Limited updates: Beyond the period of standard updates, for up to at least four years after product release, Keenetic provides limited updates. Adding new features and bug fixes to ensure compatibility with other manufacturers' equipment may cease, but Keenetic will continue to provide security updates to address potential vulnerabilities.

The end of support date is five years after the product launch. At this point, Keenetic may discontinue all software updates and cloud services for your product. A product feature dependent on cloud services might not be available from then on.

The table below shows the software update and support terms for your Keenetic product.

Keenetic model

Date of product release

Standard updates availability until at least

Limited updates availability until at least

Support discontinuation no earlier than

Titan (KN-1810)

Luglio 2018

Dicembre 2024

Dicembre 2025

Dicembre 2026