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How do I register my Keenetic device?

You can register your Keenetic device to have it added to the list of devices in your Keenetic Account. A registered device is easy to connect to Keenetic services.

From your Keenetic Account, you can review each device's warranty status and remaining support period. For information on warranty terms and conditions, please visit the Warranty and support period for Keenetic models page.

To register your new Keenetic, log in to your Keenetic Account, and open the Registered devices menu under the My devices section.


Please follow our guide on creating your new Keenetic Account if you do not have a Keenetic Account yet.


If you have a Google, Facebook or Apple account, you may not need to register (Option 2) but rather you can open a Keenetic Account by linking your social media account (Option 1). This way, you skip the e-mail confirmation, and the process will take less time.

Click the Register a new device button.


A dialogue box will open, prompting you to enter the service tag of the new device.


You can find the service tag on the device label or the System dashboard page in the Status menu of the device's Web Interface. It is a 15-digit device identification code.

Fill in the service tag of your Keenetic device on the form and press the Register button. Your device should now be registered and will display on the Registered devices list.


To remove a device from the list in your account, click the Unregister button.