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Setting up Ping Check to ping a LAN host

Question: By default, Ping Check verifies the availability of hosts on an external network (on the internet). Is it possible to configure Ping Check to check the availability of a local network host? Specifically, if you want to set up a persistent polling of the host on your home network using ICMP queries.

Answer: Yes, it is possible. To set up Ping Check, connect to the command-line interface (CLI) of your router.

First, create a profile for Ping Check. Here is an example of how to configure ping to a host on your home network with IP address (this profile is named Host). Perform the following commands in sequence:

ping-check profile Host
update-interval 10
mode icmp
max-fails 5

Then enable the profile on the Home network interface with the command

interface Home ping-check profile Host

Then save the configuration:

system configuration save

This will cause the Ping Check mechanism to continually ping a host (in our example, that is on the router's local network.