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New names for Wi-Fi standards (Wi-Fi 4, Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 6)

In October 2018, the Wi-Fi Alliance group introduced new names for current and future Wi-Fi standards.

The 802.11 standard sets have been renamed with simpler, more understandable names:

  • 802.11b → Wi-Fi 1

  • 802.11a → Wi-Fi 2

  • 802.11g → Wi-Fi 3

  • 802.11n → Wi-Fi 4

  • 802.11ac → Wi-Fi 5

  • 802.11ax → Wi-Fi 6

This simplified numbering will allow even inexperienced users to make proper equipment choices to ensure maximum Wi-Fi network performance (for example, to avoid modern gadgets with an 802.11ac adapter being used in an 802.11n network). Matching standard numbers will now be much easier, and consecutive numbering makes it easy to determine which standard is newer.

The following types of Wi-Fi standard markings may be present on network devices: