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User Manual

How can I delete my Keenetic Account and personal data?

If you registered your e-mail address at, in the Keenetic mobile app, or used the Google, Facebook, or Apple ID to log in to your personal account or the mobile app, a Keenetic Account profile was created for you. This profile contains personal information about you, which is required to provide additional services.

After logging in to your Keenetic Account, you can delete your user account and associated information.


Once you delete the account, immediate disconnection of all active services, including the Keenetic Mobile Application, Keenetic Help Center and Keenetic RMM, will occur.

Restoring a deleted account, or recovering any of its data, is impossible.

Option 1. Deleting the Keenetic Account with your web browser

To delete the account, log in to the Keenetic Account you want to remove at Go to Account information under Account and security, open the Delete Account expandable section and click the Delete button.


You must prove account ownership before proceeding with deletion. The Sign in form will appear. Please fill in your Keenetic ID e-mail and password or continue with the linked social media account authentication.


After successful authentication, the Delete account confirmation dialogue opens.


When you confirm account deletion, an immediate irreversible erasure of all account data will be performed, and all active sessions will terminate.

Upon successful account removal, you will see an informational message.

Option 2. Deleting the Keenetic Account via the Keenetic Mobile Application

Open the Keenetic app on your mobile device and tap the account circle in the top right corner. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and tap the crossed Delete account icon.


Confirm the action on the warning screen appearing to erase the current account. You will immediately log off, all other active account sessions will terminate, and the app will return to the initial screen.

If you encounter a problem with the removal procedure, please e-mail from the e-mail address listed in your account profile.