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User Manual

Installation and configuration of the rTorrent OPKG package

rTorrent is a C++ BitTorrent client for Linux based on the libTorrent libraries. Lightweight and undemanding for system resources BitTorrent client.

We will consider the installation of a torrent client rTorrent from the Entware repository.

  1. Prepare hard disk partitions for OPKG installation as described in the article Using the EXT4 file system on USB drives.

  2. Install the OPKG components.

  3. After installing the components, you will need to install the Entware package repository.


    For KN-1010/1011, KN-1810, KN-1910, KN-2310, KN-2610, use the mipsel archive for installation — EN_mipsel-installer.tar.gz

  4. In this example, we will consider installing the mipsel archive.

    In the root folder of the hard disk partition with the EXT4 file system, you need to create the install directory where you download mipsel-installer.tar.gz.


    Then disconnect the hard drive from your computer and connect it to the router.

  5. In the web interface, go to the 'OPKG' page and make the following settings:

    • Drive: OPKG (EXT4 partition label)

    • Initrc script: /opt/etc/init.d/rc.unslung

    Click 'Save'.

  6. Go to the System log. It shall contain the following entries:

  7. Download the Putty program to work with SSH and Telnet protocols.

  8. Run Putty. Select the SSH protocol, enter the IP address of the Home Vlan (Home Segment), specify port 222, confirm the addition of the key to the Putty cache to continue the connection and go to the router settings using the Secure Shell protocol.


    Port 222 is used if the router has the 'SSH Server' component installed. If it is not installed, standard SSH port 22 is free, and Entware occupies it.


    When loading, confirm your login by pressing YES. Then enter:

    login as: root

    root@'s password: keenetic


    You can set your password. Enter the passwd command:

  9. You have entered the v1.27.2 () built-in shell (ash). Now you need to update the opkg package. To do this enter the command opkg update:

  10. After updating the OPKG package, install the package rtorrent-easy-install.

    To do this, run the command opkg install rtorrent-easy-install:

  11. When the package is installed, you will be asked to configure the basic features at once.

    You can set your login/password, port, upload/download speed, the path for downloading torrent files:

  12. Go to the rTorrent web interface at, configure and check how it works:



The support of the package is provided in the developers' forum topic — rTorrent - BitTorrent client.