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How to maximize Wi‐Fi speed

Wireless connection speed depends on the standard of the connected devices, the number of spatial streams they use, and the channel width. The best speed is achieved when the mobile device is operating in the 5 GHz band, with IEEE 802.11ax and IEEE 802.11aс support, 80/160 MHz channel width and a MIMO 2x2 or higher antenna configuration. The MIMO parameter indicates how many transmit and receive channels are used in the device (e.g. MIMO 2x2 means that 2 channels are used). Previous-generation devices or devices that support fewer spatial streams will connect at lower speeds.


In the 2.4 GHz band, the Wi-Fi Alliance requires that devices automatically prefer a 20 MHz channel, and since most smartphones and tablets are equipped with 1x1 Wi-Fi adapters, they will connect at speeds of up to 72 Mbps and their actual Internet access speed will not exceed 40 Mbps. The current connection speed of the devices to the router can be seen in its web configurator (on the 'Device lists' page) and the Keenetic mobile application.

The actual speed of the Wi-Fi network depends on the number of devices, their proximity to the router, and interference. In the overloaded range of 2.4 GHz, where many other (neighbouring) networks operate, we recommend setting the 20 MHz channel width and dynamic auto channel selection in the Wi-Fi settings of your Keenetic. For critical connections, use the less loaded range of 5 GHz, but keep in mind that the signal range is physically shorter, and any obstacles weaken it.


For efficient Wi-Fi operation, follow these recommendations:

  • Place the antennas of your Keenetic vertically to spread the signal horizontally;

  • Install your Keenetic in a room where wireless speed is most important to you, avoiding corners and niches;

  • To set up a Wi-Fi network in an open space, such as a countryside area, install the router at the window overlooking the side of the area where you plan to use Wi-Fi;

  • The IEEE 802.11n standard allows you to use an open network or a network with WPA2 AES protection (set by default). If WEP or WPA protection is selected, the maximum wireless network speed will drop to 54 Mbps;

  • Visit the websites of your wireless device and laptop manufacturers to check for new drivers and other updates.

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