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User Manual

Keenetic product lifecycle support policy

The following policy outlines how long Keenetic expects to provide support for products. This policy is separate from the hardware warranty. There are three software support periods for each product: Standard Updates, Limited Updates, and End of Updates/Support. Support periods are tied to the date when a particular product was released by Keenetic, not when you purchased such a product.

Standard Updates: For at least three years after Keenetic releases a product, we provide Standard Updates, including new features, bug fixes to address known issues and security updates to address potential security vulnerabilities.

Limited Updates: For at least four years after a product’s launch, Keenetic provides Limited Updates. Bug fixes, updates for new features, and compatibility patches, may stop, but Keenetic will continue to provide security updates to address critical issues.

End of Updates and End of Support: Five years after a product’s release, we may discontinue all updates, including critical software security updates. Keenetic may also discontinue cloud services for a product in this phase. If a product feature depends on cloud services to function, that functionality will end.

Keenetic Titan (KN-1810) support timeline

Product Release date: July 2018

Standard Updates until at least: December 2024

Limited Updates until at least: December 2025

End of Support date: December 2026

Keenetic Titan (KN-1810) is currently in the Standard Updates support period and receives regular software updates, including security enhancements, new features, operating system updates, and bug fixes.