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KeeneticOS 4.0

What’s new?

Welcome to the release of KeeneticOS version 4.0! We are excited to share with you the many new features, fixes and improvements that this release brings. Our main focus for this update is to significantly improve support for the IPv6 protocol in various KeeneticOS services.

  • Firstly, we have implemented the new IPv6 prefix delegation option, which allows for efficient subnetting. We have also incorporated key IPv6 standards such as 464clat (RFC6877) and RFC6204 (WAA-8) into our system.

  • One of the notable enhancements in this release is the Application Traffic Analyser's support for IPv6 protocol traffic classification. We have also introduced host traffic accounting specifically for the IPv6 protocol, ensuring accurate calculations of incoming and outgoing data for your home devices.

  • The connection policy has been updated to include the IPv6 protocol, further extending the capabilities of KeeneticOS. The web interface now provides core support for IPv6 connections, enabling seamless management.

  • For users of the Wireguard VPN component, we are pleased to announce that it now internally supports the IPv6 protocol for VPN connections. In addition, the SNMP server and WebDAV server have also been updated to support IPv6.

  • We understand the importance of DNS configuration and with this release, we have introduced the ability to bind DNSv6 addresses through the command line interface (CLI), giving you more control over your network settings.

  • In terms of USB port management, we have added the new USB port power management and on-demand mode. This feature allows you to power down your 3G/4G modem or any connected USB device when it's not needed, saving both mobile traffic and money.

  • We have also expanded the list of supported 4G/3G USB modems to include popular models such as Huawei ME906E, Fibocom L830-EB, Askey WWHC050, Telit LN960 and more.

  • To enhance your Dynamic DNS (DDNS) capabilities, we have included the new deSEC ( service as part of the system component.

  • Finally, we are excited to introduce the Multiple Subnets option for site-to-site IPsec VPN connections in Phase 2. This feature will allow network connectivity between multiple subnets via a VPN tunnel, increasing the versatility of your Keenetic device.

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